College English

I’m glad Sweeney made us do these blogs. It is a different way to learn. Instead of the usual teaching method he goes outside the box. Sweeney likes to use technology in the classroom, which is nice. He also likes he is treating this class as a way to get knowledge and not just a way to pass a test. Isn’t that what college is supposed to be anyway? A place to get smarter. I think most if us are used to the whole “take notes and study for the test” routine. If teachers would do what Sweeney does than college might be different. College could be more than just a place to go to get a degree. It could become a way to get smarter. I beileve most students are at college to get a degree and get a job. What if we went just to get smarter. Sweeney once told me that we could learn everything we are learning in class, in the library for free. That really made me think. He was right. We all could learn everything on our own, but we want that degree.


Paper #3

Paper number 3 was about education. Mine was about SOL testing. Why should students be required to take and SOL tea? All it a SOL is, is the state standard of learning. This is all regulated by the state. Is it right to have kids memorize questions for a yet at the end? Does that make them learn anything. If all they are doing is memorizing questions and answers, what are they really learning? We should have testing regulated at a national level or just get rid of the SOL all together. The teachers can just use their ending grade to see if they pass or not. It doesn’t make sense for them to be learning the bare minimum instead of actually learning to get smarter


College in the past was for people who actually wanted to learn. In this day and age people go to college to get more money and to get a good job. So are people even learning in college or are they just memorizing just enough to get by and forgetting the rest later? In society today it I made to believe that you have to go to college to get a good job. I don’t think this is the case. When you go to college you should go there to learn to your full potential. People go to college just to he that piece of paper. But what does that piece of paper really mean? An what does the future hold for education?

Sweenys research paper #2

This research paper is really challenging. The subject I have chosen i very controversial at this point in time. I chose marijuana legalization to write about. This subject has become very interesting to me. I feel most people don’t know the real story behind it all an I’m going to show them.